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Where To Buy Handmade Gifts?

Looking for the perfect place to buy unique handmade gifts? Look no further! This article will guide you through a variety of fantastic options where you can find one-of-a-kind treasures that are sure to delight your loved ones. From local craft fairs to online marketplaces, we’ll explore the best places for you to discover beautifully crafted items that showcase the talent and creativity of artisans from around the world. Say goodbye to ordinary gifts and hello to heartfelt presents that will truly make a lasting impression.

Where To Buy Handmade Gifts?

Online Marketplaces For Handmade Gifts

If you’re looking for a wide variety of unique handmade gifts, online marketplaces are a great place to start. These platforms connect talented artisans with buyers like you, allowing you to browse and purchase one-of-a-kind items from the comfort of your own home. Here are some popular online marketplaces for handmade gifts:


Etsy is one of the most well-known and established online marketplaces for handmade gifts. With millions of sellers offering everything from handmade jewelry to personalized home decor, you’re sure to find something special. The platform also allows you to communicate directly with artisans, making it easy to request customizations or ask questions about their products.

Amazon Handmade

In recent years, Amazon has expanded its reach into the handmade market with Amazon Handmade. This section of the e-commerce giant’s website features products made by artisans from around the world. With its vast selection and the convenience of Prime shipping, Amazon Handmade is a top choice for those seeking handmade gifts.

Handmade at Folksy

Folksy is a UK-based online marketplace dedicated to supporting independent artists, designers, and crafters. Handmade at Folksy is their dedicated handmade gifts section, offering a wide range of unique and high-quality products. By shopping on Folksy, you can directly support local artisans and contribute to the vibrant handmade community.


UncommonGoods is an online marketplace that prides itself on offering handmade products with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. They curate a collection of gifts made by skilled artisans and provide detailed information about each product’s origin and manufacturing process. When you buy from UncommonGoods, you can feel good about supporting small businesses and environmentally conscious practices.


Novica brings together artisans from around the world, offering a curated selection of handmade gifts with a global flair. By shopping on Novica, you can discover unique cultural treasures and empower artisans in developing regions. From intricately woven textiles to hand-carved sculptures, Novica’s collection celebrates the diversity and beauty of handmade crafts.


Zibbet is an online marketplace designed specifically for artists and makers to sell their handmade goods. With a focus on promoting creativity and fostering connections between artisans and buyers, Zibbet offers a platform where you can find truly original gifts. Whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry, art prints, or personalized gifts, Zibbet has a wide range of options to choose from.


Society6 is a marketplace that brings together independent artists and designers, offering a variety of unique and artistic gifts. From vibrant wall art to stylish apparel, Society6’s collection is a treasure trove of creativity. Many products can be customized or personalized, allowing for a truly special gift that speaks to your loved one’s unique tastes and interests.


While not specifically geared towards handmade gifts, Craigslist can be a surprising source for local artisans selling their creations. By searching within your local area, you may discover talented craftspeople who don’t have an online presence but are looking to sell their handmade goods. It’s worth checking out Craigslist for a more localized and personal shopping experience.


eBay, a well-established online marketplace, offers a vast selection of handmade gifts. From vintage finds to one-of-a-kind creations, eBay connects buyers with sellers from all over the world. With its bidding system and extensive search options, eBay allows you to find unique handmade gifts at competitive prices.


Artfire is an online marketplace that showcases a diverse range of handmade goods from artisans worldwide. This platform focuses on promoting the handmade community and provides a supportive environment for sellers and buyers alike. With a wide variety of categories and a robust search feature, Artfire makes it easy to find the perfect handmade gift.

Local Artisan Shops and Boutiques

If you prefer a more personal touch or want to support local artists in your community, visiting local artisan shops and boutiques is a fantastic option. Here are some tips for locating these hidden gems in your area:

Locating Artisan Shops in Your Local Area

Finding local artisan shops can be as simple as a quick internet search or asking for recommendations from friends and family. Look for shops that specialize in handmade and locally crafted items, as they are more likely to carry a wide range of unique gifts. Local directories or community calendars may also provide useful information about nearby artisan shops.

Upscale Boutiques

Upscale boutiques often feature a selection of high-quality handmade gifts. These shops typically curate collections from local artisans and designers, ensuring that the products they offer are both stylish and unique. When visiting upscale boutiques, you can expect to find artisan-made jewelry, home decor, clothing, and accessories that are sure to impress.

Sourcing Items from Local Craft Fairs

Attending local craft fairs is a fantastic way to discover handmade gifts while supporting your local artisan community. Craft fairs bring together a variety of talented craftspeople under one roof, allowing you to see their creations up close and personal. From hand-knit scarves to hand-painted pottery, craft fairs offer a wide range of handmade goods for you to explore.

Craft and Art Fairs

Craft and art fairs provide an immersive and vibrant shopping experience, where you can discover a plethora of handmade gifts. Depending on the type of fair, you can find different types of vendors and products. Here are some common types of craft and art fairs to consider:

Annual Art and Craft Fairs

Annual art and craft fairs are long-standing events that often attract a large number of talented artisans. These fairs typically showcase a diverse range of handmade items, from paintings and sculptures to clothing and accessories. Attending an annual art and craft fair is a great way to explore a wide variety of handmade gifts and support the local arts community.

Seasonal or Holiday Craft Fairs

Seasonal or holiday craft fairs are a wonderful opportunity to find unique handmade gifts that are perfect for specific occasions. Whether it’s a Christmas market or a summer craft fair, these events often feature vendors who specialize in seasonal items and decorations. Shopping at a seasonal or holiday craft fair adds a touch of charm to your gift-giving and allows you to find presents that capture the spirit of the season.

Fundraising Craft Fairs

Fundraising craft fairs serve a dual purpose: supporting local artisans and raising money for charitable causes. These fairs often feature a wide range of handmade gifts, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards a specific charity or organization. By purchasing from fundraising craft fairs, you not only support local artists but also contribute to important causes in your community.

Traveling Art and Craft Shows

Traveling art and craft shows bring together artisans from different regions or even different countries. These shows often feature a diverse range of cultural influences, giving you the opportunity to discover unique handmade gifts from various traditions and styles. Attending a traveling art and craft show allows you to immerse yourself in a global marketplace of artistic talent.

Artisan Co-operatives

Artisan co-operatives are organizations formed by groups of artisans who join together to sell their products collectively. These co-ops provide a supportive platform for artisans to showcase their work and share resources. Here’s why buying from artisan co-ops can be a rewarding experience:

Understanding Artisan Co-ops

Artisan co-ops operate on the principle of collaboration and community. Artists who may not have the resources or exposure to establish individual businesses join forces to create a shared marketplace. By pooling their talents and resources, these artisans can reach a wider audience and offer customers a diverse selection of unique handmade gifts.

Finding Local Co-ops

Finding artisan co-ops in your local area can be as simple as doing an online search or asking at local galleries or boutiques that support the handmade community. Co-ops often have physical storefronts where you can browse and purchase handmade gifts directly from the artisans themselves. Visiting these co-ops allows you to connect with the makers and learn more about the stories behind their creations.

Benefits of Buying from Co-ops

When you buy from artisan co-ops, you’re not only supporting local artists but also contributing to the sustainability of the handmade community. Co-ops provide a supportive environment for artists to thrive, offering resources, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration. By purchasing from co-ops, you help ensure that these valuable support systems continue to exist and empower artisans in your community.

Where To Buy Handmade Gifts?

Online Social Media Marketplace

In the digital age, social media platforms have become more than just a way to stay connected with friends and family. They have also transformed into thriving marketplaces for handmade goods. Here are a few social media platforms where you can discover and purchase handmade gifts:

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows individuals and small businesses to buy and sell products within their local communities. Many artisans use this platform to showcase and sell their handmade gifts. Simply search for handmade, artisan, or specific types of gifts in your area, and you’ll likely find a variety of options to choose from.

Instagram Shopping Feature

Instagram not only offers a visual feast for the eyes but also provides a shopping feature that allows users to tag products in photos and videos. Many artisans and small businesses use this feature to sell their handmade goods directly through the platform. By following artists or exploring relevant hashtags, you can uncover a plethora of unique and visually appealing handmade gifts.

Pinterest Shops

Pinterest, known for its virtual pinboards and creative inspiration, also features Pinterest Shops, allowing sellers to showcase their handmade items. By browsing through different categories or searching for specific handmade gifts, you can discover beautiful creations from artisans all over the world. Pinterest acts as a source of inspiration and a direct link to the products you find intriguing.

Snapchat Shopping

Snapchat, primarily known for its disappearing photos and videos, has also dived into the world of e-commerce with Snapchat Shopping. This feature allows businesses, including handmade artisans, to sell products directly through the app. By following accounts that promote handmade goods or checking out sponsored stories, you can stumble upon unique gifts while scrolling through your Snaps.

Farmers Markets and Flea Markets

If you’re looking for a charming and community-focused shopping experience, farmers markets and flea markets are worth exploring. While these markets often focus on fresh produce and vintage treasures, they also provide opportunities to find handmade gifts. Here’s what you can expect at farmers markets and flea markets:

Handmade Goods at Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are typically known for their fresh produce and locally sourced food products. However, many farmers markets also feature artisans who sell their handmade goods. From handcrafted soaps to natural skincare products, farmers markets offer a wide range of unique gifts made with care and attention to detail. By supporting these artisans, you’re not only getting a great gift, but also supporting local farmers and small businesses.

Artisan Stalls at Flea Markets

Flea markets are a treasure trove of vintage items, antiques, and second-hand goods. However, they also attract artisans who want to share their handmade creations. Walking through the aisles of a flea market, you may stumble upon jewelers, woodworkers, painters, and other talented craftspeople showcasing their work. Flea markets offer a unique shopping experience where you can find hidden gems and truly one-of-a-kind handmade gifts.

Where To Buy Handmade Gifts?

Subscription Boxes and Services

If you love surprises and enjoy the convenience of curated selections, subscription boxes and services are a delightful option for discovering and receiving handmade gifts. Here are some benefits of choosing subscription boxes or services:

Subscription Boxes for Handmade Items

Subscription boxes for handmade items are carefully curated collections of products sent to your doorstep on a regular basis. These boxes often focus on specific themes, such as self-care, home decor, or gourmet food. By subscribing to a handmade gift box, you can receive a delightful assortment of unique gifts tailored to your interests.

Regularly Updated Product Selections

Many handmade gift subscription services offer the option to receive new products on a regular basis. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, having a subscription ensures that you’ll be refreshed with a variety of handmade gifts throughout the year. This allows you to continuously discover new artisans and keep your gift-giving options open.

Occasional or Seasonal Subscription Service Options

Seasonal or occasional subscription services cater to specific events or times of the year. For example, a service may offer a subscription box specifically for holiday gifts or a one-time box for a special occasion. These options allow you to enjoy the surprise and convenience of a subscription service while still having flexibility based on your gifting needs.

Specialty Gift Shops

If you’re looking for handmade gifts with a specific theme or aesthetic, specialty gift shops might have exactly what you need. Here are a few examples of specialty gift shops that offer unique handmade products:

Museum Gift Shops

Museum gift shops offer a wide range of artistic and cultural gifts inspired by the exhibits and collections within the museum. From reproduction prints of famous artworks to handmade jewelry inspired by historical periods, museum gift shops allow you to bring a piece of art and history into your gift-giving. By purchasing from these shops, you’re also supporting the museums and their educational programs.

Theme Park Gift Shops

Theme park gift shops are not just full of character merchandise; they also showcase handmade items that capture the spirit of the park. From handmade Mickey Mouse ears to hand-painted mugs, these shops offer unique gifts that bring the magic of the amusement park experience to your loved ones. By exploring theme park gift shops, you can find gifts that remind others of memorable adventures and experiences.

Hotel and Resort Gift Shops

Hotel and resort gift shops often feature handmade items from local artisans, providing guests with a taste of the local craft scene. Whether you’re on vacation or attending a conference, these gift shops offer a convenient way to discover handmade gifts that reflect the culture and traditions of the region. By purchasing from hotel and resort gift shops, you support both the artisans and the hospitality industry.

Zoo and Aquarium Gift Shops

Zoo and aquarium gift shops go beyond stuffed animals and keychains; they often showcase handmade goods related to the animals and exhibits. From hand-knit scarves with animal patterns to handmade jewelry inspired by the sea, these gift shops offer unique gifts that celebrate the wonders of the natural world. By shopping at zoo and aquarium gift shops, you contribute to conservation efforts and help support educational programs.

Where To Buy Handmade Gifts?

Art Galleries

Art galleries aren’t just for viewing and appreciating art; they can also be excellent places to find unique handmade gifts. Here’s why exploring art galleries can lead to discovering extraordinary presents:

Supporting Local Artists

Art galleries often showcase the work of local artists, providing a platform for them to exhibit and sell their creations. By purchasing handmade gifts from art galleries, you directly support these artists and contribute to the growth and vitality of your local arts community. Additionally, many galleries offer a variety of price points, making it possible to find a unique and affordable gift.

Unique Handmade Gifts in Galleries

Art galleries offer a wide range of handmade gifts beyond traditional artwork. You can find ceramics, glassware, textiles, jewelry, and other handcrafted items that showcase the skills and creativity of local artisans. These unique handmade gifts not only make for special presents but also serve as lasting reminders of the artistry and talent within your community.

Green and Eco-Friendly Stores

If you’re passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly practices, there are stores that specialize in offering handmade gifts with a green focus. Here’s why shopping at green and eco-friendly stores can make a positive impact:

Handmade and Sustainable Gifts

Green and eco-friendly stores prioritize products that are handmade and sustainably produced. These stores often work directly with artisans who use eco-friendly materials and methods, ensuring that their creations have a minimal impact on the environment. By choosing handmade and sustainable gifts from these stores, you can support responsible practices and contribute to a greener future.

Organically Produced Presents

Green and eco-friendly stores frequently feature products made from organic materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, or reclaimed wood. From organic clothing to natural skincare products, these gifts are not only environmentally friendly but also promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By gifting organically produced presents, you’re sending a message of care and concern for the planet.

Recycled and Upcycled Handmade Gifts

Recycling and upcycling are integral to the eco-friendly movement, and many artisans incorporate these practices into their work. Green and eco-friendly stores often carry a variety of recycled and upcycled handmade gifts, showcasing the beauty and creativity that can emerge from repurposed materials. By choosing these gifts, you help reduce waste and support the circular economy.

In conclusion, when it comes to buying handmade gifts, there are numerous options available – both online and offline. Online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and Novica provide vast selections of unique handmade gifts from artisans all over the world. Local artisan shops, upscale boutiques, and craft fairs offer personalized and community-focused experiences, allowing you to connect with local artists and find extraordinary gifts. Artisan co-operatives create opportunities for collaboration and support among craftspeople, while online social media marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping offer convenience and a wide range of handmade gift options. Farmers markets, flea markets, and specialty gift shops cater to specific themes or aesthetics, making it easy to find the perfect handmade present. Art galleries showcase the work of local artists and provide a unique selection of handmade gifts, while green and eco-friendly stores ensure that your gifts are sustainably produced. With so many options available, you can find the ideal handmade gift for any occasion and contribute to the thriving handmade community. Happy shopping!

Where To Buy Handmade Gifts?

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